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  • Interview with Nathalia Suellen

    29 May, 2020 by

    “Nathalia Suellen – Between Melancholy & Pain” by Mia Makila I can look at Nathalia Suellen’s pastel tinted dark surrealism over and over again, without losing that special feeling of ‘love at first sight’. You know, the feeling you get from discovering a new artist and immediately falling in love with their entire visual world. I feel so at home in the melancholic pain of her 18th century inspired digital art. So this interview is not only tinted with Nathalia… Read more

  • Interview with Nihil

    29 May, 2020 by

    “Deprivation of Individuality” – The Art Of Nihil by Mia Makila While making research about dark surrealist and fine art photographer Nihil, I studied many of his previous interviews. I wanted to find clues about the poetic stillness of his macabre photo manipulations. Where does it come from? The interviews all asked the about the religious themes, about the recurring use of masks, about the collaborations with other renowned dark artists. After my research, I thought to myself – ‘what… Read more

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