What is Dark Surrealists United?

DARK SURREALISTS UNITED is a new online community for artists and creators of dark surrealism (@darksurrealistsunited). Our goal is to be an inspiring arena for like-minded artists and their audience. We wish to unite people through their love for the dark, macabre and surreal.

Articles and interviews  will be added regularly to this website, so make sure to revisit!

Find us on Social Media

We are @darksurrealistsunited on both Instagram and Facebook.

Art Submissions & Collaborations

If you wish to be featured on our platforms, please submit your work and a short presentation of yourself in a message or e-mail us at: darksurrealists[at]gmail.com . We carefully curate our feeds and featured artists, please note that not all submissions will be accepted. 

Are you feeling passionate about dark surrealism and want to contribute or collaborate – please let us know!

Portrait of Mia Makila by the late American dark surrealist Joe Myers

The Woman Behind the Curtain

DARK SURREALISTS UNITED was founded by internationally recognized artist and dark surrealist Mia Makila in Sweden, October 2019. The project was postponed due to the outbreak of Covid-19 but finally launched in May 2020.