Welcome to Dark Surrealists United!

ANTHEM by Mia Makila, digital collage, 2020.

“Dark Surrealism – Where Life and Death Meet”

by Mia Makila

I am Mia Makila, a Swedish artist who makes surreal collages with dark and bizarre elements in Photoshop. I am also a writer, with 15 years of blogging experience. Well, late last year, I got an exciting idea of combining my two biggest passions – art and writing. My vision was to create a cool new platform for international dark surrealist artists and writers. But. After only a few months into working on the project and conducting interviews — our world suddenly turned into a dark and surreal nightmare. I knew I had to postpone the launch of DARK SURREALISTS UNITED.

Painting by Aleksandra Waliszewska


As the effects of Coronavirus pushed our sense of reality to a ‘new normal’, I found myself questioning my vision of highlighting contemporary dark surrealism; “is now really the right time to celebrate dark art”? After giving it some thought, I ended up even more convinced that this is the exact right time to launch Dark Surrealists United. However, please have in mind that the first five interviews were completed before the outbreak of Covid-19.

While contemplating this launch, I thought to myself: ‘what is the mission of an artist, if not to mirror both the beauty and the horrors of the world?’ Because, as we all know, Life can be really bizarre, gross, absurd and magical. Perhaps we could also describe Death with those exact words. It is through art that we preserve a shared and remembered reality and it is through art that we are able to confront the invisible realities which seem impossible to put into words. Invisible realities of chaos, mystery, intuition and wisdom. When it comes to the dark and surreal –  life and death are deeply intertwined. Dark surrealism is an expression of holism that would never sacrifice the dark to emphasize the light and vice versa. Therefore, contemporary dark surrealism is an important mirror to our world – to these dark and surreal times.


“Madhouse” by Aeron Alfrey (digital collage)


On a personal level; I have always been searching for my place in the world and I love to add like-minded souls from all over the world to be part of my ‘online tribe’. Like-minded people who are mirroring my inner Universe. I guess we all need that kind of a mirror as well.

My hope is that the Dark Surrealists United project can unite people in their love for dark art – and that it can serve as an exciting arena where Life and Death are free to be the very best of friends.

This website will be updated sporadically and with quality content only. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoy creating it! Finally: a big thanks to all the artists  – for your generosity and patience. ♥

–  by Mia Makila

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